Our Story

Late in 2009 Matt Stevanus, owner of RDS, found himself in a bit of a quandary. He began wondering, How might I create a software development company from a group of geographically disparate developers and then have it perform as a well-oiled machine? The answer was easier than it might seem. Matt began the process of gathering together talented and professional ColdFusion developers to try a grand experiment: to build a company without an office; to build a company of only the finest developers in the ColdFusion community; and to build a company that would be creative, responsive, experienced, forward thinking and performance oriented. Well, several years later… mission accomplished.

What Is It That RDS Does So Well?

Simple. RDS is known industry-wide for its ability to provide creative, cost-effective and timely solutions to the most complex of business software needs. Through the vast experience of our leadership team, we are able to design applications that leverage virtually any technology known to the web landscape. While we are primarily a ColdFusion house, our expertise does not end there. We have developers on staff who are experts in many software languages such as Java, Flash/Flex, HTML5, Ruby and many others. As such, we provide full-service web application development from UI design and graphic artistry to final implementation. If you have a need, we have your solution.

Communicate. Interact. Deliver.

We are able to interact with our clients at a level rarely seen in the business community because we are built to communicate. When your entire company is dispersed geographically, you learn how to get the most out of your time spent communicating. We translate this ability we have learned internally to how we interact with our clients. Our clients have repeatedly asked us how we get so much done without being on site. Our answer? Because we know how to. We love that answer.

Meet Our Team

Matt Stevanus
Founder, Sr. Cold Fusion Architect

Building on 20+ years of experience in consulting management, application development, and computer support; Matt founded his second company, RDS, in March of 2010 and has been watching it grow from day one.

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Layne Vincent
Project Manager, Sr. Developer

Layne has been a consultant for more than 20 years working with such companies as Hasbro, Hewlett Packard, Verizon and Nortel. During this time he has developed software using a multitude of languages and technologies.

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Andrew Matthews

Sr. Developer

Andrew Matthews has helped both large corporations and small businesses develop their presence and products on the web for nearly 20 years. As a primarily ColdFusion developer since 1996, Andrew has had the opportunity to see the language grow and flourish.

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Bryan Garrett

Software Developer

Bryan Garrett is a lifelong technology guru. He caught on to ColdFusion while studying a mathematics teaching degree and has followed his passion for development ever since.

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Jeff Chastain

ColdFusion Architect

Jeff Chastain is one of “those” developers who grew up taking summer programming classes in grade school just for fun.  He used that strong foundation to create a career out of developing software applications, which Jeff has been doing for more than a decade.

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Cassidy Vincent
Graphic Designer, Creative Consultant

A recent graduate of Texas Tech University, Cassidy holds a degree in public relations. It was during her education there, that she realized she had a knack for graphic design.

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Dan Skaggs

ColdFusion Architect

Dan Skaggs has been coding in one form or another since the mid-1980s. A web developer since 1998, Dan has been developing ColdFusion applications since 2000 and has spoken at several ColdFusion conferences

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Jake Churchill

ColdFusion Architect

Jake is an advanced ColdFusion and Flex architect specializing in enterprise level solutions. He brings a wide range of experience to the table, from e-commerce solutions, content management systems, charting visualizations and even mobile sites and applications.

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