ColdFusion Architect

Jeff Chastain is one of “those” developers who grew up taking summer programming classes in grade school just for fun.  He used that strong foundation to create a career out of developing software applications, which Jeff has been doing for more than a decade.  He also has more than eight years experience with Adobe toolset-based applications.

Jeff’s focus is higher than just development though as he enjoys taking on big projects and ideas, implementing an overall development plan for all aspects of the project and managing the team throughout the design, development, and implementation phases of the project.  In addition to software development and project management, Jeff is an accomplished writer who has published a number of articles in various industry publications.

Jeff has lived in the Dallas, Texas area for his entire life and is married to his wonderful wife Karen for over 11 years now.  He has two little girls, both of which would spend the entire day playing games on the computer if they were allowed to.  Pretty soon, they are going to know more about technology than their parents.