Founder, Sr. ColdFusion Architect

Building on 20+ years of experience in consulting management, application development, and computer support; Matt founded his second company, RDS, in March of 2010 and has been watching it grow from day one. In the past, Matt has worked as a computer support professional at Kennedy Space Center supporting both Windows and Unix workstations and servers; he has visited and assisted more than 200 companies who use ColdFusion-based applications; has previously owned his own ColdFusion consulting business; and has held the title of Vice President of a well-known Internet Application Development Agency.

Matt made the transition from computer support to application development in 1997 when he taught himself ASP and shortly thereafter stumbled upon ColdFusion. After becoming proficient with the ColdFusion technology, Matt was recruited by Allaire Corporation (inventors of the ColdFusion technology) to be on their ColdFusion Professional Services team. This was at the heyday of the DotCom era and Matt’s duty was to visit ColdFusion development teams and make sure they were on the right track or get them back on the right track if they weren’t.

Matt’s passion lies in the proliferation of the ColdFusion technology and the pursuit of high performing, engaging, and maintainable web applications. This has been his focus since he first moved from computer support and started developing Internet-based applications.